Bridget Bertoldi

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Bridget Bertoldi

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Florida State University, In Progress
B.A., Psychology, Bard College, 2017
B.M., Flute Performance, Bard College Conservatory of Music, 2017


Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

I am interested in biological and social risk factors for antisocial behavior and psychopathy and how specific risk factors can interact to promote resilience in children and adolescents. Ultimately, I would like to implement biological intervention programs that specifically target biological risk factors, and to incorporate neurobiological factors to better predict recidivism. I have a strong interest in the assessment and treatment of justice-involved youth, and I would like for both my clinical and empirical work to help prevent recidivism and promote resilience in these populations. Current projects include the development of triarchic scales in a longitudinal twin study, examining associations between newly developed triarchic scale measures with antisocial outcomes, and investigating the relationships between psychopathy and emotional reactivity in criminal offenders.